Videos Going Viral, Translate Google Docs, Wylie Interviewed by FT

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By Hannah Johnson

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Making Your Viral Videos Actually Go Viral

The eMarketer blog posted an interesting case study earlier this month about Colgate’s new marketing campaign for a miniature disposable toothbrush: “At the heart of the strategy—online video. Big Fuel developed a series of viral videos, partnering with eight different publishers including CollegeHumor and YourTango and Web celebrities like Kip Kay, known for his how-to and prank videos, to syndicate the content.”

Translate Your Google Docs

Google recently added a cool new feature to Docs: Translate! Ok, it’s not perfect, but next time someone sends you a press release or rights information in Chinese or French, you can at least get the gist of it. The Translate feature is located in the Tools menu in Google Docs.

Wylie’s Odyssey Editions Launched to “Make a Point”

The Financial Times spoke with Andrew Wylie about his new publishing venture, Odyssey Editions. Wylie said that he preferred to negotiate contracts that include digital rights, but “failed to reach a satisfactory compromise” with large publishers. Odyssey seems to be Wylie’s way of negotiating for higher royalty rates on e-books.

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