New Summertime T-Shirts from Publishing Perspectives

In What's the Buzz by Hannah Johnson

By Hannah Johnson

We’ve got some great, new designs in our t-shirt store in time for those mid-summer vacations, weekend barbecues, and day trips to the beach.

For you James Joyce fans out there, we’ve got Bloomsday t-shirts for men and women. Let other people know that you like to dress up in Edwardian outfits on June 16 each year, that you’ve read and understood Ulysses in its entirety, and that you’d prefer to be drinking a beer in Dublin instead of sitting at your desk right now.

Or, if you are really more of a Proust fan, check out our lovely Swann’s Way t-shirt (also for men and women). After all, you can’t call yourself a true hipster unless you’ve read (or at least purchased) a book by Marcel Proust. If you want to get deeper into Proust, check out The Cork-Lined Room, a blog and discussion forum based on a year-long reading of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. We will have more t-shirts available soon for participants of The Cork-Lined Room who have completed the one-year reading project.

This one is just for the girls! Get into the spirit of summer and show off your awesome sense of style! Guys, don’t be jealous, but our Summer Time t-shirt seemed like more of a girl thing.

If you have suggestions for future t-shirt designs, literary or otherwise, email us or leave a comment below.

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Hannah Johnson


Hannah Johnson is the publisher of international book industry magazine Publishing Perspectives, which provides daily information and news about book markets around the world. In addition to building partnerships with international cultural and trade organizations, she works with the Frankfurt Book Fair to organize and support a number of its overseas initiatives. Hannah has also worked as the managing editor for an online media company, The Hooch Life, focused on craft distillers and cocktail experts. Prior to that, she worked as a project manager for the Frankfurt Book Fair’s New York office, managing various business and marketing activities.