3D Consumer Camera, Russia Bans YouTube, EU Lobbied on Privacy

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By Hannah Johnson

Welcome to the first Tech Digest roundup of noteworthy links about new technology, digital developments, social media, cool gadgets, and more. Without further ado, here is today’s digest:

Amazon Announces New Kindle

As everyone predicted this week when they saw the Kindle was out-of-stock, Amazon has announced a “smaller, lighter, faster” Kindle. It looks like Amazon is following the iPad pricing model: A wi-fi only Kindle will be $139 (£109) and the 3G model is priced at $189 (£149). The new Kindle will launch in the USA and the UK on August 27. Read more from Engadget and ZDNet.

Panasonic Unveils First 3D Camera for Consumers

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot 3D footage of your kids biting each other or your really hungry cat, now you can! But this also begs the question, can you really expect people to put on those ridiculous 3D glasses just to watch your home videos? Read a quick overview on Techradar or the full technical description from Panasonic. Price has yet to be announced.

Russia Bans YouTube

Another country joins the YouTube-hating bandwagon, which currently includes “China, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates”, according to Mashable. A Russian court demanded that YouTube’s ISP be banned in the country because of a video called “Russia for Russians” which the court deemed racist and extremist. So you might want to consider moving your book trailers to Vimeo.

US Tech Companies Confront EU on Privacy Regulations

The Wall Street Journal reports that US technology companies are pushing the EU to unify its privacy laws regarding consumer data storage. Currently, each EU member state has set its own limits on how long private companies can store consumer data. For foreign companies operating in Europe, they need to keep track of multiple and “sometimes contradictory” regulations.

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