Job Opportunity: Ecco Looking for a Marketing “Ace”

In What's the Buzz by Edward Nawotka

Heads up! Our friends at Ecco/HarperCollins are looking to hire. Here’s the email they sent to us…

We’re looking for an ace marketing associate: ideally someone with a few years’ experience as a book slinger, but open to other sales/marketing backgrounds; expert at all the unsung but crucial stuff that goes into making books sell (as if anyone really knows…); excited by online opportunities and a social media wunderkind; a whiz at design; a proper reader; and an all-around good egg. Know anyone top-class who might be interested? We’re going great-guns here – with books by Patti Smith, Anthony Bourdain, Joyce Carol Oates, Vendela Vida, and so much else roaring this year – and we’re a small, tight-knit outfit, so seeking the perfect person. Surely he or she is out there!

Formal job listing here.

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