Toshiba to Launch an E-book Store

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By Helen Gregg

Toshiba is set to launch a new e-book store in the next few weeks, reported TeleRead. Powered by Blio, the new Book Place site will offer current bestsellers, along with cookbooks, travel guides, children’s books, and textbooks.

From the press release:

“Toshiba Book Place will offer you a full-color, 3-D, interactive reading experience – powered by Blio, the world’s most engaging and innovative e-reading software.  Toshiba Book Place brings books to life with a variety of unique features, including audio in multiple languages, hyperlinks, note-taking and exporting, text-to-speech capabilities and much more.”

The new e-book store also offers an incentive to purchase a Toshiba computer – new laptops that come pre-loaded with Book Place also come pre-loaded with complimentary sample books.

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