Social Entertainment Site GetGlue Launches IPhone App

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by Helen Gregg

A growing social networking site focusing on books, movies, video games, television shows, and music launched its iPhone app yesterday, reported eBookNewser. The site, called GetGlue, allows users to ‘check-in’ (ala FourSquare) with what they’re currently watching, reading, playing, or listening to. And similarly to FourSquare, users receive stickers that reflect their interests, and are occasionally eligible for prizes and giveaways.

Taking a cue from another social networking site, GoodReads, users of GetGlue can write reviews and share their opinions with other friends on the site. And, like Netflix’s “Movies You’ll Love” function, the site will recommend similar products based on a user’s reviews. The site is using Facebook to help attract new users, allowing Facebookers to access the site via their existing account.

The new iPhone app makes the site mobile for the first time, and hopes are high that the new app will increase GetGlue’s presence in the social media world. To see how the new app works, check out the video below:

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