How to Spell “website” and Other Social Media Style Rules

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By Hannah Johnson

The 2010 AP Stylebook is available today in print, and you might actually want to rush out and buy yourself a copy because there are some pretty interesting new “styles” in there. Mashable reported today that the AP Stylebook has been updated with 42 new rules about proper usage and spelling of technology and social media terms. According to the AP, “Web site” has now become “website”. It also defines some of the acronyms that people love to use in text messages and on Google Chat. ROTFLMAO!

Apparently the AP also offers some guidelines for journalists using social media and citing sources online.

The print version of the 2010 Stylebook is now available for purchase here, as well as access to the online version for $25. And in keeping with the AP’s updated social media stance, they’ve also released the Stylebook as app for both the iPhone and iPad.

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