Germany is Guest of Honor at Guadalajara 2011

In Global Trade Talk by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Anyone who has followed our news coverage knows that we think overseas publishers would do well by taking a longer look at the central and Latin American markets. One of the key gateways into the southern hemisphere of the Americas is the annual Guadalajara Book Fair, one of the best — or at least, most enjoyable –book fairs in the world. Combine that with German publishing — as seen through the prism of the Frankfurt Book Fair — and what do you get? Opportunity.

To that end, today, Raul Padilla Lopez, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Feria del Libro de Guadalajara, announced that Germany will be the Guest of Honor at the 2011 fair, with Frankfurt organizing the overseas mission.

Raul Padilla Lopez said in a prepared statement: “For us, Germany is the land of books and ideas, art and literature. Gutenberg invented the letterpress and this wonderful technology had already reached Mexico in 1536. German authors such as Goethe, Brecht, but also Grass and Herta Müller fascinate the Mexicans. Germany is also home to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the biggest book fair in the world. So we are delighted that Germany will be guest of honour at our book fair and that the Frankfurt Book Fair is organising the German appearance.”

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