Berlin’s Dussmann Doubles Sales of English-language Books

In German Buch News by Siobhan O'Leary

By Siobhan O’Leary

Maybe it’s all the expats moving to Berlin, but the city’s giant book and media store Dussmann is doubling the retail space it allots for foreign language books, with a particular focus on English-language titles. The reason? Store manager Julia Clarenein tells Buchreport that the store has recently seen a double-digit growth in sales in this segment. English-language titles will comprise 95% of the 300 square meter section and the transformation should be complete just in time for the holiday season.

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Siobhan O’Leary is a literary agent, translator and writer based in Berlin. She previously worked in the Foreign Rights department of the Crown Publishing Group (Random House) and at the publishing consulting firm Market Partners International.