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By Edward Nawotka

We love Richard Nash, who has been a generous contributor to Publishing Perspectives and has shared more than a few insights (and beers) with us over the years. But it has to be said that he’s been a big tease about his upcoming Cursor project. Until now (sort of):

In the fresh new UK web journal The Literary Platform (started by publishing consultant Sophie Rochester), Richard Explains that Cursor will be comprised of social networks, web and traditional print publishing — each aimed at a discreet audience.

So let me say here: each community is also a publishing imprint, one that will publish one to two books a month. So, for Red Lemonade, the first community/imprint based on the Cursor platform, each of these books will be published digitally — both in the cloud, and as a download — and mechanically, as a limited edition and as a trade paperback original, this trade edition being distributed in the conventional manner by leading distributors around the world and all editions being promoted with galleys, co-op, review copies, hustling, moxie, and my own brand of pimpin’ and hoin’.

Of course, for as much as he reveals, he leaves you wanting to know more, though he promises to reveal more at BEA, including the first details of authors, distributors, etc.

Without giving too much away here, go to The Literary Platform for the whole shebang.

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