Shameless BEA Party Invite Request…

In Erin's Perspective by Erin L. Cox

By Erin L. Coxinvitation

When I worked at The New Yorker, our Book Expo party (or better known as “The Spring Books Party”) was the hottest ticket in town.  People would sneak in, beg/borrow/steal, use personal connections with New Yorker writers to get invites, or pester me into putting their names on the guest list.  Those were heady, fun days being one of the keepers of the gate (okay, I wasn’t reallya keeper–that went to the editorial side–but I could get people in).

Now, I am looking at BEA on the horizon and I have precious few party invitations.  So, I asked my colleague and editor, Edward Nawotka, if I could write about the parties at BEA as a shameless way to get invited to some.

If you want me to write about your BEA party, invite me and I just might!   Write to me at or reply to this note.

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