Google & Verizon Developing iPad Competitor

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google_book_searchBy Edward Nawotka

Google is in a great position to compete with the likes of Amazon and Apple — Google Books is, after all, a tremendously rich repository of literature, probably more so than anyone truly knows. The one thing they are lacking is a device that will work as a proper e-reader, one to compete with the iPad and Kindle. Yes, Android is good, but wouldn’t it be better if you could get it work on a ten inch screen?

That is, according to the Wall Street Journal, just what they plan to develop in conjunction with US telecoms company Verizon. Personally, I can’t wait, especially since I ditched AT&T for Verizon after running up $400 data charges at the Frankfurt Book Fair two years in a row. Now, with Verizon, I don’t have that option…since they have GSM service on just a few select phones including, drat, on the Blackberry I now have in lieu of an iPhone.

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