World’s Top Writers Hate Brad Meltzer

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By Erin L. Cox

Yesterday, to the surprise of the literary world, many of the world’s top writers signed a petition to ask New York Times bestselling writer Brad Meltzer, author of such books as The Book of Fate and the forthcoming Heroes for my Son, to stop writing.  The petition, signed at the annual meeting of The Writer’s Club, states that Meltzer can no longer hold a pen, pencil, or touch a keyboard.  As yet, we have not determined if voice-activated software will also be added, but we will keep you updated.

When asked what made them make take such a drastic move against one of their own, writer Junot Diaz author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao said, “Mr. Meltzer latest novel–a dengue stew of imbecilic fatuities–makes a reader wish reading had never been invented–or, for that matter, Brad Meltzer.”

And Nelson DeMille, author of the forthcoming The Gatehouse, said, “Brad’s writing is both good and original.  However, what is good is not original and what is original is not good.”

Meltzer, who has written 9 books and 4 comic books, could not be reached for comment, but his wife, Cori, said, “Happy 40th to my favorite April Fool.” 

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