Richard Nash gives “best speech about the future of books” in Canada

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Richard Nash

By Hannah Johnson

“Assuming that the physical book is the only incarnation for the writer-reader connection is, I think, a mistake,” said Richard Nash during his presentation at the BookNet Canada conference called “Calculated Risk: Adventures in Book Publishing” on March 25 in Toronto, Canada.

The crux of Nash’s presentation was about supply and demand. The current supply chain that publishers use assumes that we control the supply side of publishing. The traditional role of publishers as gatekeepers and taste-makers works when the number of books in the marketplace is limited. However, the explosion in book production means that supply is no longer under anyone’s control. Nash argues that publishers now have to be in the business of managing demand, of owning communities that connect writers and readers in order to create demand.

Chris Anderson of Wired tweeted about Nash’s presentation: “Best speech about the future of books & publishing I’ve ever seen.”

Invest 35 minutes of your time and watch the video:

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