Proust: The Perfect Beach Read

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By Dennis Abrams

Spring is here, summer will fast be upon us, and for most readers, it’s the time for fat juicy mindless paperback novels, perfect for idling away the time while at the beach or on vacation.

This year though, why not try something different?

There’s still time to join us on our year long journey through Marcel Proust’s masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time.  Within its pages, you’ll find enough sex, intrigue, social climbing, jealousy and obsession to fill the pages of dozens of trashy novels, while giving you an air of class that will allow you to impress anybody you’re of a mind to impress.  And we’re going at a nice slow leisurely pace, perfect reading for lazy summer afternoons and evenings.

At The Cork Lined Room, we’re not even halfway through the series, so come on…dive in.   Here’s the plot so far in a nutshell:  Our hero, the rather sickly and self-involved Marcel, wants to become a writer, has fallen in and out love twice, has suffered the death of his beloved grandmother, and is just now entering the aristocratic world of the Duc and Duchess de Guermantes.  (For more details, check out the site for my synopsis.)

Come on in and join us.  The water’s fine.

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