Robert Miller talks about his departure from HarperStudio

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Photo Credit: Adrian Kinloch

Photo Credit: Adrian Kinloch

By Erin L. Cox

A year and a half after founding HarperStudio, the innovative new publishing imprint at HarperCollins, Robert Miller will be leaving to take on the role of group publisher for Workman Publishing.  HarperStudio was founded on Miller’s ground-breaking approach to publishing which focused on smaller advances (no advance exceeded $100,000 for one book), no returns, and a move towards the author and publisher partnering on the publication of a book.

About his departure, Miller told Publishing Perspectives, “Some people have asked me if my departure is a repudiation of HarperStudio’s approaches to publishing. The answer is no; HarperStudio has had a number of successes in its short history, and has signed up dozens of amazing authors. And my move to Workman is a move to a place that has been operating on similar principles for forty years, publishing a small, carefully-chosen group of books, working to bring them to their greatest potential over time, and treating authors as partners.”

To learn more about Robert Miller’s philosophy of publishing, see an earlier piece he wrote for Publishing Perspectives called “Re-thinking the Publisher/Author Partnership.”

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