Irish Kids Co Little Island Launches Today, Heads for Bologna

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Little Island

By Siobhán Parkinson

Little Island is a baby imprint. It’s all-grown-up and very-much-wiser parent is New Island Books, an established Dublin-based independent publishing house.

When I say baby, I don’t mean Little Island actually publishes books for babies –- for children, yes, but what we hilariously call “older children.” (How old can you get and still be a child? It’s a brain-teaser, all right.) I mean it is new and tiny and very noisy, and exceedingly cute.

We launched (oh, very islandy, that, isn’t it?) today in Dublin with six beautiful and gorgeous and stunningly wonderful novels for older children and teenagers: two translations from German, two classics of recent Irish literature, and two first books by brand spanking new Irish authors. To be followed later in the year by another fistful of new books by new Irish authors.

Pretty well as soon as we are launched, we are due to make landfall at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Being a baby, we don’t have our own stand yet, so we’ll be toddling about adorably, grabbing onto the furniture. But we have lots of invitations from the older kids on the block, and we’re not going to be dealing in jelly beans, so don’t get your hopes up! (We’ve heard about the prosecco, which has hardly ANY alcohol in it …)

Little Island already has two books in translation on its list, and has just signed up a Swedish teenage novel for next year. We’ll be talking to Swedish and German publishers, among others, both looking for interesting titles to translate, and of course knocking their knee-socks off with our own wonderful offerings.

We’re also very keen to find ourselves a Best Friend from the Other Island. British publishers for children and young people who are interested in forging a partnership with a creative, innovative, committed and very young publishing house, come and talk to us. You can leave a note for Little Island with our friends at the IBBY stand in Hall 29 and we’ll try to come tottering by yours if we hear you want to come out and play. Same goes for US or Canadians. We’re Irish, we talk to EVERYONE!

Little Island received financial assistance from The Arts Council (An Chomhairle Ealaíon), Dublin, Ireland.

You can find out more about Little Island here.

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