James Bridle Explores the Bookshops of Mexico City

In What's the Buzz by Edward Nawotka

Photo by James Bridle

Photo by James Bridle

By Edward Nawotka

UK publisher and internet entrepreneur James Bridle recently made a side trip to Mexico City following his appearance at the SXSW conference in Texas. He blogged this week about his time there visiting the bookstores, including Atrio, Librería Pegaso, and MUCA Roma, among others…

I walked a lot (in one very small area of the central city), went to bookshops, and, in one of those out-of-place experiences that suit some books so well, devoured WG Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn

I encourage you to click through to the piece. It’s a lovely paean to DF’s dynamic book culture, something that is rarely as celebrated as it should be.

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