What are Your “Best Practices” for Publishing Career Development?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

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In today’s lead story, Andrew  R. Malkin, VP of Book Content for Zinio, discusses the stages of his publishing career to date and offers five pieces of advice on how to navigate the choppy seas of the publishing world.

There have been plenty of individuals in publishing around the world forced to reinvent themselves in the last year, either because of a job loss or the transition from traditional to digital publishing, which has radically changed the future prospects for the industry.

So, the discussion question for today is: What are your personal “best practices” for publishing career development?

Personally, I would like to echo Andrew’s first point about looking beyond Manhattan (or London or Berlin or Beijing) for opportunities. What I’ve found is that the recent recession and subsequent lay-off has forced many talented people out of the high-cost publishing centers and spread them around the United States, where they are opening up new companies in places you might not expect. You can find intelligent, talented publishing people all over these days. In fact, if the trend continues, the future of publishing may reside in thousand different nodes across the world and not in just a few big cities.

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