Up Close and Personal: Magali Travels the World in Search of Publishing

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By Hannah Johnson

Magali Tardivel-Lacombe, 25

Magali Tardivel-Lacombe, 25

In a digitally connected world, having friends and co-workers in several time zones has become common place, thanks to tools like Skype and devices like smartphones. We are always reachable and always connected. But talking into your computer microphone is not the only way to meet people and learn about publishing around the world. Magali Tardivel-Lacombe was inspired by the international connections she made working in bookselling and publishing, and decided to travel around the world in search of more people working in publishing.

For those of us still sitting in front of our computers, she blogs about the people she meets and the places she visits.

On October 12, 2009, Magali departed on a round-the-world journey around the world to meet, interview and learn about people working with books. The trip will end in December, 2010. Here is how she describes the project:

I hope to walk through landscapes previously experienced only on screen or on the printed page; to see how people live elsewhere; to cross borders and bridge seas into other ways of thinking. However, I mainly want to pursue my literary exchanges and report on them. I am meeting and interviewing literary professionals in all countries where my travels take me. In fact, to this end I have already drawn up a list of contacts which will doubtless grow with each new query, discussion, and meeting.

Most recently, Magali wrote about booksellers and the Casa de la Literatura in Lima, Peru. Since then, she has traveled to Panama, Guatemala, and is currently in Mexico.

You can read more about Magali’s trip on her blog, or at Publishing Perspectives, where we will repost her articles.

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