Going to the Bologna Book Fair? What Trends do you Foresee?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka


In our lead story today, Grazia Gotti of the Bologna Book Fair urges US publishers to take President Barack Obama as an inspiration to change the way they approach the international marketplace. This year, in particular, she says there is an opportunity for US and other publishers who want to come to Bologna to mine the Fair for undiscovered gems, particularly as children’s books are easier and less onerous to publish in translation.

In addition, this year Publishing Perspectives is planning special coverage of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair — giving publishers a unique opportunity to reach a global audience with their activities at the Fair. We want to know what you’ll be doing at the Fair: Are you looking to buy or sell? What types of titles are you most interested in? What trends do you foresee shaping up in advance of the Fair?

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