Dueling Translations Sparks Bizarre Post

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golden_largeAt the Three Percent blog, Open Letter Books publisher Chad Post writes about the simultaneous publication of two new translations of Ilf & Petrov’s novel The Golden Calf — one published by Open Letter and the other, titled The Little Golden Calf and published by Russian Life magazine. (Yes, that Russian Life — the former propaganda organ of the USSR).

What is already an odd publishing coincidence took a strange turn yesterday when Russian Life published a bizarre post: a “list of qualitative points of divergence” between the two editions. But this appears to be no mere exercise in pedantry: The message from Russian Life is to tear down the Open Letter edition.

To his credit, Post offers his own reasonable rebuttal, responding to their list of “distinctions” and adds a few of his own.

Read the L.A. Times’ review of the Open Letter edition of The Golden Calf here.  — Edward Nawotka

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