Cookbooks? Romance? Sci-fi? Is Niche the Future of Fairs?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka


Today’s lead story discusses the inaugural Paris Cookbook Fair, which takes place later this week. The fair focuses entirely on cookbooks, with an emphasis on selling rights to the titles on display. Cookbooks are, as Fair director Edouard Cointreau explains, growing some 5-10% per year and many bestselling books, such as those published by charity organizations around the world, don’t even have ISBNs and are thus difficult to track. In this case, bringing all the cookbook publishers and titles under one roof might make sense — but does it for other types of books?

The Paris Cookbook Fair benefits from it’s association with the Gourmand Cookbook Awards, which is already a recognizable brand and has an established audience. How viable would it be for, say. — a now recognizable brand in sci-fi books — to launch a fair to broker rights deals for sci-fi properties? Could something like this be done, say, within the confines of a larger industry event — say New York Comic Con?  Would there be a benefit to this sort of fragmentation of fairs?

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