Are Fairy Tale Endings Inspirational or Merely Anti-Climactic?

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By Edward Nawotka

fairy tale ending

In today’s lead story author Franz Wisner writes about how his first book about being left at the altar, Honeymoon with My Brother, unexpectedly led him into a new romance — one that eventually led to marriage. (Not before he was able to write his latest book, How the World Makes Love.) A similar thing happened to Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote about her own marriage in the just published volume, Committed.

Both Wisner and Gilbert’s books have been bestsellers, with readers drawn to find out what happened to each author post-breakup. In each case, there was a fairytale ending.

This naturally leads to the question: what’s a memoirist to do when things actually work out? Surely there are some self-dramatizing authors out there who create their own strife, but in the case of both Wisner and Gilbert, they seem well-adjusted.

Are fairy tale endings — particularly when the come in the form of a sequel — genuinely inspirational or merely anti-climactic?

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