A Year Without Work and I’ve Never Felt Better

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By Erin L. Cox

Larry Hughes

Larry Hughes

Yesterday, Larry Hughes, former HarperCollins USA publicist, published a post on his blog “Book Flack at Large” looking back at his year without work. While he does lament not having a “day job” that he loves, his list of personal achievements seems extraordinary and something of which to be quite proud.

Next week marks my own one-year anniversary since my departure from corporate life and I’ve never felt more creative and enriched…and, most importantly, I can still pay my bills. Layoffs or departures from traditional publishing used to mean a struggle until you could find a new permanent position, but in this new world of digital publishing and virtual offices, there are many more opportunities for freelance work that can be done wherever you can get Wi-Fi and cell phone service. As long as you’re up for the challenges, it can be a pretty exciting, interesting, thought-provoking, and personally productive experience.

Check out Larry’s blog post here and tell us about your own experiences in this new world of publishing.

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