Pushing His Luck, HMH Owner Promises 450 New Jobs

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By Edward Nawotka


DUBLIN: Barry O’Callaghan, the chief executive officer of Education Media and Publishing Group (EMPG) — the parent company of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt — declared on Wednesday that the company’s investors are “under water,” drowning under $8 billion of debt (half of that representing the purchase of HMH in 2007). On Wednesday, the news broke that the company will restructure the debt, reducing it to around $3 billion, but leaving many many investors — including O’Callaghan — with nothing.  O’Callaghan, who was once deemed the youngest billionaire in Ireland, told the Irish Times on Friday that he would repay much of his debt and would not fire any of the 300 people employed in Dublin. What’s perhaps even more surprising, he promised to go ahead with a commitment to create another 450 jobs at the company’s Irish headquarters.

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