German Booksellers Optimistic, Shun Self Help

In German Buch News by Siobhan O'Leary

By Siobhan O’Leary


German book retailers are a lot more optimistic at the start of 2010 than they were a year ago. According to a survey conducted by buchreport, only 30% of booksellers are skeptical about their prospects for this year (compared to around 50% who anticipated a decline in business last year).

However, publishers of non-fiction and particularly self-help books should not expect an easy year ahead, as 40 to 50% of booksellers surveyed plan to purchase fewer of those titles for their stores in 2010.

Paperback novels are a sure fit for the bookshelves, but booksellers intend to be more selective about both hardcover fiction and audiobooks. A third of those polled intend to fill their empty square footage not with books, but with non-book products like video games and other entertainment products.

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Siobhan O'Leary

Siobhan O’Leary is a literary agent, translator and writer based in Berlin. She previously worked in the Foreign Rights department of the Crown Publishing Group (Random House) and at the publishing consulting firm Market Partners International.