Author Cory Doctorow on Amazon vs. Macmillan

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By Erin L. Cox


According to an article in The New York Times, Amazon has pulled all Macmillan books from their site (or removed the buy buttons) in response to Macmillan’s request to raise the cost of ebooks on Amazon from $10 to $15.

Macmillan author Cory Doctorow wrote a piece on sees a bleak future in this fight:

“[I]f one of the five titans that control almost all of publishing gets into a scrap with one of the four or five titans that control almost all ebook publishing, or the one company that rules the audiobook market, the collateral damage is that you will have to choose to eschew a gigantic slice of all the literature ever made in order to hang on to your library, or abandon your library in order to get access to that publisher’s work.”

The days of wine and roses are over.  Read the whole piece here.

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