Seth Godin’s What Matters Now for Free

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By Hannah Johnson

What Matters Now from Seth Godin

Early this morning, Seth Godin made his latest book, What Matters Now, available as a free PDF download. You can download it here or read it on Scribd. The book is a collection of short contributions from over 70 thinkers (including authors, journalists, marketing experts and others) about issues that…matter now. The book quickly became a trending topic on Twitter for the better part of a day.

Shortly after posting the e-book download online, Godin updated the download link because he’d found two typos and corrected them.

There was no mention on Godin’s blog about the book coming out in print with a publisher. Are the rights available? Would anyone want to publish a print edition after the free e-book version has been so widely spread?

While choosing to self-publish and give away a book might not work for every author out there, it might be the path that more well-known writers choose to take.

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