Has Owning an E-reader Changed Your Book Buying Behavior?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka


In today’s lead story, author and book marketer M.J. Rose writes that her company AuthorBuzz.com, recently conducted a poll with 200 people who own e-reading devices.

“Every one of them reported they were buying at least two times more books because of their e-purchases. Some reported a 300% increase,” she said.

Granted, this is a small sample, but the numbers are impressive. I can verify that since buying an Amazon Kindle on the first day it was released, I have certainly bought far more books that I might otherwise: I’m trying, first and foremost, to justify the several hundred dollars I invested in the initial purchase of the device and to make use of it.

But I can’t say that I’d buy any more titles than I would normally if it weren’t so convenient to simply click and have the book appear a few minutes later. There’s a lot to be said for instant gratification, and frankly, not being able to cancel or return the purchase. Typically, when I shop in a bookstore I walk around gathering books in my arms and return several to the shelves before making my final purchase.

I also own a Sony Reader, which I have never used, having found it just too difficult sync to my computer, register a credit card, make a purchase and hope it all works.

So, tell us, what is your experience buying books on e-readers? Do you buy more than you otherwise would? If so, what is your reasoning? Do you simply enjoy reading e-books on the device or is it something else?

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