Bonus Material: Is DIY Publishing a Sign of Confidence, Desperation or Something In-between?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

For a fee, Greenleaf Book Group promises to offer high-level professional services with a hands-on approach, going from concept to publication (as detailed in today’s lead article). The cost is not insignificant—it ranges anywhere from the price of a Smart Car up to that Lamborghini—but the upside is that you get to keep total control of the process and, most importantly, all the rights.

One potential savings you’ll have in using this model is the 15% that you’d pay to a traditional literary agent, provided you don’t hire a lawyer or consultant of your own to vet the details.

But the question remains, does use of a service like Greenleaf’s suggest the work wasn’t worthy of a traditional or legacy publisher? Or does it suggest confidence on the part of the author, one willing to invest their own money in their work and career? If so, what kind of writer is the best fit for this model? Is this something you would consider? Are there other companies out there that do the same that you would recommend?

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