Bonus Material: A Tale of Two Chapbooks

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

As discussed in our lead article today, Bryce Milligan outlines the appeal of chapbooks in an increasingly digital world. These artisanal, often hand-finished books can be pricey, but make for lovely collectibles. By way of illustration, we offer two examples on offer from Milligan’s Wings Press:

don-hall-cover-web1Donald Hall. Winter Poems from Eagle Pond. Wings Press, 1999

Beginning in 1983, Donald Hall and Jane Kenyon sent out letterpress Christmas broadsides with one of Donald’s poems. This ceased the year after Jane’s death. Winter Poems collects those poems, and includes two of the original illustrations (woodblock prints by Barry Moser). The 32 page chapbook is bound in handmade paper that incorporates red maple leaves gathered by Donald’s grandchildren from around his property at Eagle Pond, New Hampshire. Limited to 300 copies, signed and numbered, of which less than two dozen remain. $75

flynn-cover-front-webRobert Flynn. Burying the Farm: A Memoir of Chillicothe, Texas. Wings Press, 2008.

Flynn is a Texas legend, author of many books, including the funniest cowboy novel ever written (North to Yesterday, 1968), and a past president of the Texas Institute of Letters. Burying the Farm is a short, humorous family memoir, with photographs. It is bound in handmade paper which incorporates mesquite leaves from around Chillicothe. 44 pages, limited to 310 numbered and signed copies. $25

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