Pikcha.tv Wins Books & Bytes Award

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By Siobhan O’Leary

The winner of the first NEWBOOK Books & Bytes Award announced yesterday at the Books & Bytes Stand in Hall 3 is pikcha.tv. Pikcha.tv’s goal is to provide younger children with their first contact to TV and the Internet by adapting picture books into digital moving images. Children encounter familiar topics, illustrations and characters in an online context. Adapted to the sensitivities of preschoolers, pikcha.tv’s more than 200 picture book films also feature individually composed scores for each of its stories and most of them are available in both German and English.

Jury member Andreas Freitag, Managing Director of the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Spree and the publisher of Schwarzerfreitag, said that pikcha.tv stood out for him because, “while many projects are ultimately new variations of familiar business models, pikcha.tv has added something genuinely new to the medium of the book.” Of course many of the other nominees are certainly worth watching at the Fair and beyond, including txtr, which will be showing off its new e-reader at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair (Hall 3.0 B 100).

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