Bonus Material: Advice for Frankfurt Newbies

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Sarah MacLachlan

Sarah MacLachlan, not the singer, but the president of Toronto publisher House of Anansi, is a Frankfurt Book Fair vet. In preparing for this year’s Fair, she shared this simple, straightforward advice for newbies:

First and foremost, wear comfortable shoes.

Take a raincoat and/or an umbrella, and for women, a scarf — that’s always going to get you around, no matter what the situation, formal or informal.

Stick to the beer and not the wine or any of the [hard] booze because you won’t survive. The beer in Germany is fantastically pure, so you almost feel like you’re drinking something that’s good for you.

Be open, don’t go home and go to bed. The Fair has got its elements that are kind of cliquey and intimidating, but let yourself be open to everything you can see and hear and do because it’s really kind of exciting.

Finally, if you’re an English language neophyte, be sure to get out of Hall 8. Go to the foreign halls and see how they publish books because it’s completely different! It is a revelation!

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