Amazon Kindle International, Week Two

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By Erin L. Cox

A week after the international edition of the Amazon Kindle launched, Amazon’s David Naggar, Vice President for Kindle Content, took part in the STM Conference. While he came to appeal to STM publishers to increase the e-books and journals they offer on the Kindle, he also indulged the audience by answering some questions.

On rights: “Open rights models are where it becomes really difficult. [In some cases] publishers maintain rights in the same country and the main right-holder is difficult to determine. Because of that, we put a manual system in place to deal with these questions and encourage publishers to get in touch with us.”

On the customer experience: “Depending on where you are, each customer sees a different catalog [of the titles with rights in that country].”

On STM journals on the Kindle: “We have a number of journals in our catalogue already and we are hopeful and expectant that we’ll see more. Every time we add another, we see immediate sales.”

On the Amazon format: “Right now, we are limiting to only the Amazon format [of text and layout] across reading devices. Each Kindle has whisper sync, which syncs with other Kindle.” So, if you are reading a book on the Kindle 2 and it would better for the DX, then the DX will bookmark at exactly the same spot as the Kindle 2 and you can keep reading.

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