What’s The Buzz: Most Pirated Books, UK Needs the Kindle, Quartet Press Shutters

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By Hannah Johnson

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The Independent brings us a list of the top 10 pirated ebooks that were downloaded from BitTorrent, a popular, free file-sharing platform. Apart from Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, the books on this list are mostly about sex and self-improvement. Publishers working in these genres, take note: The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra comes in at number one!

Everyone has been talking about YouGov’s new research program called “The E-Reading Experience,” which concluded that the absence of the Kindle and Apple e-reading devices might inhibit the UK book market. The Bookseller features some interesting stats to back this up, though I would not be surprised to hear some US publishers say that the presence of the Kindle is inhibiting the US market…

And finally, we heard through the Twitter grapevine that Quartet Press, the startup created by four power-Twitterers has already ceased operations. Launched in June of this year, the press had planned to focus on publishing romance titles digitally. Check out the Quartet Press blog, which documents their startup process and their Twitter feed for some interesting posts.

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