German Buch News: Men Dominate Mobile Web Use; Thalia Adds Digital Interactivity to New Stores

In German Buch News by Siobhan O'Leary

By Siobhan O’Leary

New figures on mobile Internet use in Germany have been released by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung (AGOF) [Working Group for Online Media Research]. As reported in the Boersenblatt, the stats, based on a survey of 59 mobile advertisers, revealed that a majority of mobile Internet users are male, young, and educated. Men comprise 60.5% of those who are accessing the web via mobile devices. Twenty-three percent of mobile Internet users are in the 20 to 29 year old range, with those in the 40 to 49 years old bracket coming in a close second at 20.3%. In addition, 60.7% of mobile Internet users are college graduates and 52.8% of those on the mobile Internet use it primarily to communicate (via E-Mail, blogs, Twitter, etc.). Finally, 40% of mobile Internet users notice advertisements, while only about 30% click through or later visit the website of the advertiser.

Germany’s largest book chain Thalia is experimenting with a new type of bookstore that will feature touchscreens that will allow shoppers to view and write their own reviews on the spot, a travel section with multimedia stations, and a expanded games section. The model is similar to the new store format launched by Borders in the United States last year. The first store with these new features will open on October 9th in Weiterstadt, says the Buchreport.

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