German Buch News: IBM’s E-Readiness Rankings; Falks Travel iPhone Apps

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By Siobhan O’Leary

In IBM’s latest “e-readiness” rankings, measuring the quality and effectiveness of information and communication technology in the world’s largest economies, Germany has landed at number 17 — three spots lower than last year, reports BuchMarkt. However, when it comes to the specific categories of innovation and e-business development, Germany ranks among the leaders. Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands emerged as the leaders in e-readiness among all countries, with the US dropping from first place to fifth. Read the entire study here.

For anyone who has ever used a German Falkplan to find their way around a foreign city, you know that figuring out how to unfold and fold the many pages of the map to find your destination is akin to solving a Rubik’s Cube. Luckily, Falk has announced that it is teaming up with Berlin software company iheads to launch its own travel guide app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, says BuchMarkt. The guides will be available for the top 28 city destinations in Europe. Each will be priced at €3.99 and will include audio content and an integrated RSS feed featuring favorite destinations from the Falk Community.

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