German Buch News: Arabic Lit at Berlin Festival; Google Database Jumble

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Berling Literary FestivalBy Siobhan O’Leary

While the German media has primarily been focused on Saturday’s China Symposium in Frankfurt, Berlin’s biggest bookworms have been abuzz about the 9th International Literature Festival Berlin. The 12-day event kicked off last week with a rousing speech by Arundhati Roy and will feature nearly 300 events with 220 authors from more than 50 countries, according to BuchMarkt. This year’s participating authors include Assia Dkjebar, Tim Parks, Alberto Manguel, Colum McCann, Siegfried Lenz, Monica Ali and Robert Littel. The focus this year is on the Arab world and Festival Director Ulrich Schreiber hopes that the event, which this year had a budget of 600,000 euros, will “become a milestone in the literary communication with the Arab world.” The festival runs until September 20th.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung pokes fun at the Google Rights Registry with an amusing list of potential mix-ups, as featured in Buchreport. These include Sigmund Freud and Katherine Jones’ 1939 classic how-to guide to the internet software Mosaic Navigator. Or how about that Henry James classic, Madame Bovary? Robinson Crusoe lands in the category of Hobbies and Stephen King’s Christine time travels to a pub date of 1899, as does Robert Shelton’s Bob Dylan biography.

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