Bonus Material: Electric Literature’s Intriguing Animations

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By Edward Nawotka

Electric Literature, the journal edited by Andy Hunter (see today’s main story) is one of very few new literary magazines launched this year in the midst of the economic crisis.

The concept behind the magazine is simple: publish five short stories and make them available in a myriad of formats, from paperback print-on-demand to Kindle.

Issue #1 featured stories by Michael Cunningham and Jim Shepard — a pair of big “gets” for a new magazine. To promote the work, EL produced a pair of high quality animations that preview the stories.

The first, which was just uploaded yesterday, offers a “one sentence” take on Cunningham’s “Olympia” — an excerpt from a work in progress about attempted fratricide:


The second presents Jim Shepard’s story “Your Fate Hurtles Down at You,” about a mountain top research mission gone wrong:


The second issue of Electric Literature will feature a new story by Colson Whitehead. It is expected to be published October 15.

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