What’s the Buzz: Book Studio Tweets, News Corp Wants to Make You Pay

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By Hannah Johnson


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Today we had a great new discovery: The Book Studio, a project of public radio and television station WETA in Washington D.C., which features video interviews with authors, book reviews, and now a Twitter Book Club. How did we miss this? Each Monday, The Book Studio will host a discussion on Twitter that you can join or follow by using the hash tag #tbc. Full instructions for participation and explanation of hash tags can be found here, http://www.thebookstudio.com/twitterbookclub. Happy book-twittering!

Looking at the intersection of new and old media (or as we now know it, free vs. pay-for content), Rupert Murdoch is betting that you and I and everyone else will soon be paying for news content. News Corps’ $3.4 billion loss since June 2008 is likely to be behind his reasoning. Murdoch believes that quality journalism is not just a hobby (a la, Chris Anderson), but rather a service worth paying for. Debate about the prudence of this decision has fluttered around blogs and Twitter ever since the announcement on August 6. The Guardian gathered some experts to opine about Murdoch’s move and they are skeptical.

Lastly, just for fun, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh tells us on Twitter that “according to Guinness Book of World Records, the book most often stolen from libraries is the Guinness Book of World Records.” Anyone want to confess to this crime? C’mon, one of you must have taken a copy while the librarian wasn’t looking? [Editors note: When I worked in bookstores, it was the Bible that was most stolen]. Follow Tony for more fun tidbits about life, Zappos, and the internet — http://twitter.com/zappos.

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