Top US/UK Trade Talk: UK’s Sainsbury’s Expands Books; Slight Sales Drop at B&N, BAM

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By Edward Nawotka

In the UK, Sainsbury’s supermarkets are making further inroads into bookselling and plan to increase oval book sales by some 3% in 2009. “The supermarket chain told publishers at its annual supplier conference in London last week that it was targeting book sales of £36.25m in 2009-up from £27.6m in 2008, said The Bookseller. A large part of the effort is a plan to more heavily promote key hardcover bestsellers in a larger number of stores.

In the US, sales at dominant chain bookseller Barnes & Noble “fell 5.3% in the second quarter ended August 1, to $1.16 billion,” says PW, while at Books-a-Million, the third largest chain in the US, sales “fell slightly, dropping 0.7%, to $122.4 million.”

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