German Buch News: No E-book for Dan Brown; Der Club Opens to Non-members

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By Siobhan O’Leary


Despite the announcement in the US that Doubleday will release an e-book edition of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol simultaneously with their hardcover edition, Buchreport notes that Brown’s German publisher Lübbe has no plans to release an e-book version of the German translation. However,  Lübbe Audio will be releasing an abridged audio edition for the same price as the print edition — 26 euros.

Though nothing has yet been announced, it is all but official that Club Bertelsmann is developing a new model which would allow non-members to buy their licensed editions in select Club Bertelsmann stores in Germany. A trial period is expected begin at the end of October and will be limited to three branches, says BuchMarkt. Non-members will only be able to purchase books for the full price of the original hardcover edition, while members get the reduced club member rate.

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