German Buch News: Monetizing Online Content; Twitter Poetry

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By Siobhan O’Leary


Sandra Schüssel of Börsenblatt

Newspaper publishers could learn a thing or two from reference book publishers about getting people to pay for online content, or so says Sandra Schüssel, editor of the Börsenblatt in a recent editorial. Newspaper circulation is decreasing at a rate of 300,000 copies per year in Germany. The solution, according to Schüssel, lies in creating and monetizing “specialized online content” for niche markets (e.g. legal databases and professional articles). On the mobile front, she argues, book publishers are also ahead of newspaper publishers in terms of creating content that is of added value, like travel guides that can be downloaded on location or legal texts that are updated regularly.

German book blog Das Literatur-Cafe launched a contest for Twitter poetry and has just published the top 283 entries of 140 characters or less in conjunction with Books on Demand. This first book is available both as print-on-demand and as a free e-book.

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