German Buch News: Langenscheidt Goes POD for Tech Dictionaries

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By Siobhan O’Leary

Effective immediately, Langenscheidt will be printing three of its biggest English-German technical dictionaries on demand. According to buchreport, the content of the PoD versions will be based on the annually updated electronic versions of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, and Technology and Applied Sciences dictionaries. Prices will range from 119 and 169 Euros — that’s 20 to 35% more expensive than the electronic versions – with free delivery within a week, regardless of whether the book is purchased via a retail store or Langenscheidt’s Web site.

An article in Die Welt rails against fathers who, prompted by an increase in Germany’s generous parental work leave benefits in recent years, have taken the opportunity to write books about fatherhood. In particular, the paper criticizes the new father’s propensity to be perplexed by diaper changes. Men inclined to share such information would be better off forming a self-help group than writing a book, says the author.

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