Bonus Material: Spain’s First Ebook Fair Set for November

In Discussion by Emily Williams

By Emily Williams


MADRID: After ebooks were explicitly excluded from the Madrid Book Fair this past June, two of Spain’s technological innovators have joined forces to organize the country’s first ebook fair. Bubok, an ebook and POD publisher and retailer, and e-Cultura, a consulting company and think tank that combines culture with cutting-edge technology, have announced the creation of the first Feria del Libro Digital, set to take place this November in Madrid.

The fair is expected to serve the interests of both professionals and consumers, with exhibits and displays set up to allow the general public to experiment with new ebook technology and products, as well as talks and workshops where book industry and tech types can  meet, mingle and exchange ideas.

Participants announced so far include ebook distributor Leer-e, the collaborative book community Soopbook, Catalan ebook vendor Grupo Dosdoce, and academic online portal Liceus.

The timing of the fair anticipates the first ebook explosion in Spain, with the big three publishers planning their large scale introduction of ebooks and ereaders for the holiday season. Fair organizers hope the Fair will encourage the development of sustainable business models across the value chain —  from authors to agents to publishers to distributors to booksellers to readers as the industry takes its first steps into the digital transition.

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