Top US/UK Trade Talk: Searching for Superheroes; Earnings Reports

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By Edward Nawotka

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The Wall Street Journal looked at the shifting focus of movie producers at this weekend’s Comic-Con. They are moving away from mainstream superheroes (who are all accounted for) and looking toward the fringes for new, unheard of talent.

PW focused on earnings reports: Lagardere Publishing was up 11% in the first half of 2009, to just over 1 billion euros. The top earning author was…you guessed it…Stephenie Meyer. Amazon’s North American media group had flat sales in the second quarter, holding steady at $1.15 billion; Scholastic’s year-end results, accounting for sales up to May 31, showed total revenue that fell by 14.3%, to $1.85 billion.

The Bookseller has heard from publishers that Amazon is planning to launch the Kindle in the UK this October. “I think we are looking at October for launch,” said one. “Amazon is gathering a head of steam for launch,” another confirmed. (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…)

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