German Buch News: “The Readers” premiers, Ebooks for iPhones

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By Siobhan O’Leary

Ameile Fried, host of The Readers

Today Publishing Perspectives begins a new daily column that aggregates the best publishing and book news from Germany. Enjoy, and look for similar columns coming from other countries in coming weeks.

Following the contentious firing of Elke Heidenreich – who wielded Oprah-like authority over book sales with her program, Lesen, – German TV network ZDF has launched a new series called Die Vorleser (The Readers), reports Boersenblatt. In the premiere, moderator Amelie Fried and features editor of Die Zeit, Ijoma Mangold discussed marebuch’s Weiße Geister by Alice Greenway (White Ghost Girls, Black Cat/Grove Press) and Per Olov Enquist’s Ein anderes Leben – “Another Kind of Life”published in German by Hanser. The program will air six times per year, with the next episode slated for September 18th. 

The Berlin-based startup Textunes has launched the first German-language e-book platform for the iPhone, with around 80 titles currently available. In an interview with, Textunes Director Volker Oppmann discusses their greatest success so far – Kein & Aber’s 50 Erfolgsmodelle (“50 Models for Success”) by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler. Although only 300 copies have been sold via the App Store thus far, Textunes will continue to position itself as a purveyor of mobile content. 

More German publishers and publications are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. Buchmarkt writes that S. Fischer press officer Martin Spieles, his colleague Mirjam Zuchtriegel and editor Susanne Halbleib recently decided to sign up for the service and, in doing so, intended to create a unique voice for the publisher in this medium. Their plan: Under the handle @Tagesfang, Fischer will tweet a sentence from one of its books each day, along with a link to a Web page for the title.

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