Bonus Material: Petition to Free Imprisoned Iranian Author

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Among those arrested during the Tehran protests last month was 41-year old Maziar Bahari, a journalist and filmmaker who was at the time working for Newsweek magazine. Today, still remains in prison. Yet, as time passes and the media shifts its attention away from Iran, Bahari and the other 30 odd journalists and bloggers who were imprisoned must not be forgotten.

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Bahari is co-editor with Malu Halasa of Transit Tehran: Young Iran and Its Inspirations, an anthology of work by young Iranian writers and artists published earlier this year by Garnet Press. Shortly before his arrest, Bahari was interviewed by The Daily Show (see above).

In order to keep pressure on the Iranian government, Malu Halasa has organized a petition protesting the arrest and demanding Bahari’s immediate release. If you would like to sign the petition, please email her at the address below. (Update: The petition has already been sent, but Malu Halasa — you can read it here.)

EMAIL: Malu Halasa regarding the petition

ORDER: A copy of Transit Tehran

LATEST: Discussion of the arrests from Global Post

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