Bonus Material: How to Sell Island Fiction to Islanders

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka


The above video is a book trailer for Michael Holgate’s Night of the Indigo. The dreadlocked man in the video is the author.

As series editor, Joanne Gail Johnson is eager to see the Island Fiction Series sell out their 2,000 copy first printings. Originally, Macmillan had planned ten titles for the series, but scaled back to six in the wake of the recent economic recession. “I already have two more books lined up and I know some of the other authors already have sequels planned.”

In addition to her own school visits, Johnson is encouraging her authors to conduct Skype video visits, shoot book trailers, blog and otherwise get out and spread the word. “So far, I’m very impressed with the Caribbean authors’ ability to harness technology,” said Johnson. “I’m surprised to see us use it in such a savvy way.

The Island Fiction series is available in the UK from Macmillan, in the US from Interlink Publishing, from R.I.K. bookstores in Trinidad and other shops throughout the Caribbean.

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